Posted on: February 21, 2009 5:48 pm


Many are going to say it's "sour grapes" or "homerism" for my beloved Red Sox that I make this entry.  I guess that's why it's taken me so long to put my thoughts out there on the subject.  Ultimately, it comes down to having a 12 year-old who begins his baseball season in a few days that prompted me to finally put "ink to paper" on the subject.

Alex Rodriguez is a lying pile of crap who can't be a man (like many others, I might add) and fully cleanse himself of the filth that his behavior has wrought.  Seriously, is it that hard once fully caught in cheating to tell the complete truth

Yes, the tests were supposed to be confidential.  Yes, the person who released the data needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  These are completely valid and "correct."  But once you've been caught in cheating why not show the world that you're more of a man than just a cardboard cut-out of a human being.  Blaming your cousin for supplying you with something that is even illegal in the Dominican Republic doesn't make it okay.

I suppose it's just absurd to expect anything beyond the two WEAK attempts at an explanation we've received from Mr. Rodriguez, but if you're going to actually come out and admit it... admit it.

Finally, the onus now is on Major League Baseball to change their testing program with regard to HGH, steroids & any other kind of illegal physical performance supplements to a method similar to what the Tour de France cyclists & Olympic athletes must endure.  Yesterday, meaning the 80s & 90s are gone; ruined by the likes of McGwire, Canseco, Sosa, Giambi, Palmiero, & Rodriguez.  Tomorrow lives if the League & its athletes will "man up" and deliver on the promise of pure sports.

Posted on: March 31, 2008 7:29 pm

So Much Going On!

It's an amazing time of the Sports Year.  Today marks the "official" Opening Day of Major League Baseball.  The Detroit Tigers strangely took it on the chin from the Kansas City Royals.  The New York Yankees had to abbreviate their final Season Opener at Yankee Stadium with the Toronto Blue Jays.  The Rays (no longer of the Devil) of Tampa Bay finally won an "away" Opener against the Baltimore Orioles.  And the San Francisco Giants are as bad as we thought judging from the first eight innings of their game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Money well spent on Barry Zito, huh.

At the same time, the NCAA Final Four has been named.  It is to be as it should, a battle of the best four teams in the nation; North Carolina Tar Heels, Memphis Tigers, UCLA Bruins and the Jayhawks of Kansas.  No Cinderellas to dillute the genepool of three games that should absolutely rock any fan of the "rock."

Shortly, fans of the National Football League will be going over reports from the Combine, film from past games and rumors involving the Wonderlic Test and just how dumb that kid is.  We'll all be waiting for Mel Kiper Jr. to tell us what he thinks he knows about the quality of young men our universities have put forth both physically, mentally & behaviorally.  He'll be wrong 25% of the time.  Just be prepared.

Amidst all this, I keep coming to a point and failing to care.  One of our own, Amerigo Vespuci (Amanda), is in the hospital and not doing very well.  One of her fellow Iowans, sporgie, has alerted a good sized group of her condition and it has just taken the wind from my sails.  AV as many of us call her, has told us stories of her life before and during cancer.  She has enticed us, challenged us, fought with us and celebrated with us.  Hers is a spirit that you can tell fills any room she enters and leaves it barren when she exits.

We all kind of "play" like we're friends and enemies on our posts and blogs.  We mock the trolls, feed the rivalries, and cheer our beloved alma maters or favorite pro teams.  We try to find an oasis of nothing but sports talk or social interaction from our lighted screens.  We seek to escape the everyday tedium or "reality" of a life that is not all we wanted or solace from something that can just be too much. 

I'm going to ask you to forego this search for a moment or two more.  I promise to go back to being my reasonably sardonically amusing self on my next entry.  Today, though, I need you to take a second out to thank God or your god(s) that you have your health, your family and your friends.  I need you to look around and remember how very much worse it could all be.  Watch ten minutes of the news, after they discuss the election, and you will realize just how much worse.  I'm asking you to think of a young lady who's going through some stuff that we wouldn't wish on anyone.  Help her with your thoughts, your prayers, your appreciation for your "discussions" with her and your appreciation of your own situation.

Get well, AV.  We'll talk to you real soon.


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