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Posted on: March 24, 2008 7:33 am

Bracket Busted?...Burned? ...or Breathing?

So, we have arrived at the Sweet Sixteen.  Last week the bragging and blustering was flying around the blogs like an ANIMAL HOUSE foodfight.  "Georgetown's gonna win it all!"  "Duke's threes will kill everyone!"  "Pitt will dominate like they did at the Big East Tournament!"  "Look out for Coppin State!"  Okay, I made up the last one.

The smoke is clearing for four days of Hell in Tampa and mere Purgatory at other sites.  The good news is everyone probably made some of the same choices you did.  The bad news, maybe Georgetown, Duke and Pitt (among others) weren't really the best horses to bet on.

Consider this your opportunity for some Bracket Therapy.  This is your time to vent, to seek out others like yourself ("Hello, my name's John and I'm not as good at this as I thought."  "Hi, John."), and cleanse yourself of the stench of the horror that are your selections to this point.

If, perhaps, you are one of those sturdy souls who have managed to get to this point with only the Midwest Region in shambles (Don't lie!  I got 'Nova and Kansas to the Sixteen out of there and I feel blessed.), tell the group about it so we might benefit from your wisdom, while hating you completely with our whole hears.

Okay, I'll start. 

Hello, my name's EL {giving time for a response}.  Somehow, I am not crumbling pieces of paper and crying in my coffee this morning.  I have managed to get 13 of my Sweet Sixteen to this point with 7 of my Elite Eight and all of my Final Four.  I say this more out of amazement than bragging.  A couple of shots fell and that has made all of the difference.  I expect at some point to be in a deep pit of despair with my brethren, but in the meantime, plan to sit quietly with rejoicing in my head like a little girl at Build-a-Bear.

Posted on: March 17, 2008 5:02 pm

Mascot Mess

Watching THE MADNESS unfold I found myself amazed by some of the team mascots for many of these rarely-heard-from programs.  There's the Siena Saints (Bernards, that is), Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils (bad pilot?), St. Mary's Gaels, San Diego Toreros, Kent State Golden Flashes (what does this even mean?) and Austin Peay Governors.  Having watched THE MADNESS for quite a few years, there have been countless more I have heard.  Granted it was only for a few days since most of these schools fell off the radar rather quickly as the competition began. 

Even some of the more-established programs have some quizzical nicknames/mascots, as well.  What's a ZIP? HOYA?  HOOSIER (One who hoos...Virginia?)?  or even Auburn...is it an war-eagle, a tiger or a plainsman?

To the point, besides the Banana Slugs we all saw on Travolta's shirt in "Pulp Fiction" what's the oddest mascot or school nickname?


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