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Posted on: April 20, 2008 6:13 pm

Brrrrr....a bit Drafty in here.

Sorry it's been a while since I last graced these pages with an entry, but frankly there really hasn't been a lot of sports news going on worthy of comment.  Sure the NBA & NHL Playoffs have begun and some folks ARE ACTUALLY WATCHING!  Not many for the latter, I'm afraid.  The former is to be seen.  Judging from the excitement of Game 1 of the Spurs / Suns series, this may be must-see TV.

It came down to waiting for the NFL Draft for me to have any really good material for thought.  It takes a lot for me.  You watch and listen so much to sports you get a bit jaded.  But I digress.  Let's talk Mel Kiper Jr.'s hair.  I still think it's a piece.  Anyway, regarding Mel, the only thing of interest I've seen from him is the verbal sparring matches he and Todd McShay, director of college football from Scouts Inc., are getting into.  At last, someone calling the self-professed talent guru out.  Their disagreements make for better TV than that fast-talking BaltiMORON could provide by himself spouting about what the 49ers need in the sixth round without challenge.

Even better have been the talk-radio geeks trying to tell you and I your local teams record for the 2008-09 season after the schedules were released.  This before the teams have drafted!  What are these idiots and their program directors thinking?  The trades and picks associated with the draft will make an enormous impact on the record of teams.  Let's ask what kind of difference Adrian Peterson made for the Vikings?  Here's another for-instance-thought: the Atlanta Falcons have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds (3, 34, 37, & 48).  Do you think the players chosen with these picks or those traded for them could have at least some small impact on the success or (more likely) failure of the Atlanta Falcons in 2008-09?

Finally, has anyone seen the man-love being poured over Chris Long like gravy on a Thanksgiving turkey.  Oh my God, I thought Kiper was going to make a stain on himself gushing about the immediate impact Howie Jr. would make with his leadership and work ethic and his "pedigree" (?).  Yeah, he's gonna be good.  Maybe REAL good.  Ask yourself a question though...when's the last time you saw a great Defensive End make an impact in the pros who was white?  David Pollack?  Guess we'll probably never know there.  I just was listening and asked myself the same question.

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