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SEC Football the Best Top to Bottom?

For years now I have been screaming what most people in the South say about why the Southeastern Conference is the best in the nation when it comes to football:  It is the best top-to-bottom from a competitive quality perspective.  While there is no doubt that Alabama & Florida represent the pinnacle of NCAA football this year (along with a couple of  Big XII - South teams), I have revised my opinion.  Too many of its usually very strong teams did not show up in 2008. 

Look at the below comparison to illustrate my feeling.  Remember, the widely-held feeling was that the SEC was the best conference top-to-bottom.


  • Boston College 9-3
  • Georgia Tech 9-3
  • Virginia Tech 8-4
  • Florida State 8-4
  • North Carolina 8-4
  • Maryland 7-5
  • Wake Forest 7-5
  • Miami (FL) 7-5
  • Clemson 7-5
  • North Carolina State 6-6
  • Virginia 5-7
  • Duke 4-8


  • Alabama 12-0
  • Florida 11-1
  • Georgia 9-3
  • Mississippi 8-4
  • LSU 7-5
  • South Carolina 7-5
  • Vanderbilt 6-6
  • Kentucky 6-6
  • Tennessee 5-7
  • Arkansas 5-7
  • Auburn 5-7
  • Mississippi State 4-8

Again, clearly the Tide & Gators have shown themselves to be the highest of the high when it comes to coaching & execution.  They deserve every accolade the receive.  With many teams down (Tenn. & Auburn especially), though, the SEC is not the "deep" conference it has been in the past.  Heck, only 6 teams are above 0.500 vs. 9 in the ACC. 

Am I saying the ACC is a better football conference?  No.  What I am saying is that in 2008 the SEC looks more like what the Big 10+1 used to be; a two-team-conference.  These "down" programs will return in time, but this year is not a banner one for the SEC.

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NCAA Football 101

With the 2008-09 NCAA Football season about to begin I thought I would give you this year's Best Names In College Football:
Riley Skinner (QB) -          Clemson
Stryker Sulak (DL) -         Missouri
Rashad Bobino (LB) -        Texas
Woodny Turenne (CB) -    Louisville
Noel Devine (RB) -           West Virginia
Juice Williams (QB) -        Illinois
Anthony Scirrotto (S) -    Penn State
Zack Slate (DL) -            East Carolina
Cody Slate (TE) -            Marshall (NOT RELATED!)
Britt Barefoot (P) -          Southern Miss (a Punter named Barefoot, priceless)
Ell Ash (DL) -                  Houston (Sounds like a Sesame Street bit)
Sinisa Vrvilo (K) -            Bowling Green
Harvey Unga (RB) -         BYU
Ray Feinga (OL) -            BYU (Mormons?)
Rafael Priest (CB) -          Texas Christian Univ. (should've been Notre Dame?)
Josh Syria (P) -               Oregon
Rob Gronkowski (TE) -      Arizona (Screams "football")
Captain Munnerlyn (CB) -  South Carolina
Diivory Edgecomb (KR) -   Florida Atlantic (yep, two "i"s)
Joe Alajajian (OL) -          Florida Internat'l ("can I buy a consonant?")
Kartey Agbottah (S) -      North Texas
Solomon Elimimian (LB) -  Hawaii (L-M-N-O-P...)
Beanie Wells (RB) -          Ohio State
Asher Allen (KR/PR) -        Georgia (alliteration is fun!)
Chase Coffman (TE) -      Missouri
Chase Daniel (QB) -         Missouri
Chase Patton (QB) -         Missouri (ALL on the same offense!)
Selvish Capers (OL) -        West Virginia (sounds like a scallop dish)
Boogie Allen (S) -             West Virginia
Rodgerique Smith (WR) -   Auburn
Sen'Derrick Marks (DT) -    Auburn (do I really have to say more?)
Tertavian Ingram (WR) -    Kansas
J.J. Di Luigi (RB) -              BYU (seriously?)
Brouce Mompremier (LB) -  South Florida

Sabbath Joseph (LB) -        South Florida
Cordarrow Thompson (DT)- Virginia Tech
San San Te (K) -                Rutgers
Taiwan Easterling (WR) -     Florida State University (finally got rid of Fagg)
Micah Kia (OT) -                  Michigan
Micah Reed (C) -                Michigan (on the same offensive line)
Nate Longshore (QB) -        Cal (still a classic)
Darrius Massenburg (DE) -   North Carolina (and his back-up's name is Darius, too)
Sir Marco Bledsoe (S) -       Texas Christian Univ.
Slick Shelley (WR) -            Tulsa
Zipp Duncan (OL) -             Kentucky
Darrell Catchings (WR) -      Oregon State (good name for a receiver)
Darius Passmore (WR) -       Marshall (GREAT name for a receiver)
Ras-I Dowling (CB) -            Virginia (?)
Boris Lee (LB) -                  Troy
Elisha Joseph (DT) -            Temple (not misspelled)
Skylaar Constant (DT) -       Toledo
Polo Guiterrez (OL) -           New Mexico State
These are just a few of the names you'll hear during the upcoming season.  I just didn't want you to double-take when you heard them for the first time during games.
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Mascot Mess

Watching THE MADNESS unfold I found myself amazed by some of the team mascots for many of these rarely-heard-from programs.  There's the Siena Saints (Bernards, that is), Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils (bad pilot?), St. Mary's Gaels, San Diego Toreros, Kent State Golden Flashes (what does this even mean?) and Austin Peay Governors.  Having watched THE MADNESS for quite a few years, there have been countless more I have heard.  Granted it was only for a few days since most of these schools fell off the radar rather quickly as the competition began. 

Even some of the more-established programs have some quizzical nicknames/mascots, as well.  What's a ZIP? HOYA?  HOOSIER (One who hoos...Virginia?)?  or even Auburn...is it an war-eagle, a tiger or a plainsman?

To the point, besides the Banana Slugs we all saw on Travolta's shirt in "Pulp Fiction" what's the oddest mascot or school nickname?


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