Posted on: July 11, 2008 8:49 pm
Edited on: July 11, 2008 8:50 pm

The Brett Favre Dilemma

Having played competitive sports in college, I understand the love of the comeraderie in the lockerroom.  There can be no better (and sometimes worse) feeling than to achieve something as a part of a larger machine.  So, hearing Brett Favre decided to come back was no great shock to me.  What amazes me is that it has shocked anyone.  We all knew as Favre cried before us that we'd not heard the last of him.  It took months for him to clean out his locker, for crying out loud.

Now, we hear that his agent has requested a release from the Packers, since they have absolutely no interest in keeping him around, to pursue other opportunities around the league.  For the record, the Ravens and Buccaneers seem to be the front-runners due to need and the fact that Jon Gruden has never said "no" to an aging quarterback, to play that is. 

So, here are the questions I have for you fine readers:

1)  Who's in the "right" here?  An aging Hall-of-Famer who at the eleventh hour plus decides to return to the game that gave him everything or the team that he retired from and told to move on and develop Aaron Rodgers or some other QB?

2) What happened?  Seriously, what occured to make him not be "mentally tired" enough to have retired on March 5th?

Give me your thoughts and I'll elaborate on mine. 

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